Courtesy of Daniel Stepanyuk – Rubber: Tibhar MX-P 50 (BH) & Donic BlueGrip C2 (FH) | Blade: Tibhar Fortino Pro | Ball: Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+

What a great tournament! I had some great matched recently at the Presper Open at the Samson Dubina table tennis academy. It was overall a great experience and I will be going there again soon, I’d like to thank Paddle Palace and Samson himself for such a great experience! 

I’d also like to talk about a match specifically that I had with an amazing upcoming player from Puerto Rico, his name is Enrique Rios and we played 3 times! I’d like to talk about the time I played him in the finals for the U2300 event, it was very intense and we had many rallies that could’ve gone either way, since our levels were similar we battled till 2-2 , In the 5th game he placed a bit of pressure on me since I won the first 2, he forced me to rethink and take a bit more time between points, he played so many amazing points against me and I was impressed by his counter drives. I knew I had to slow it down and play more controlled and get him off the table, which worked out for me! In the last game I had many opening attacks and 5th ball attacks that forced him to get off the table to gave me a big advantage. I pulled it out very solidly in the last game with a score of 11-5. Enrique was a tough opponent that forced me to always think on what I was doing, again, overall a great tourney and big thanks again to Paddle Palace for the great equipment they always provide! Currently, I am using the Tibhar Fortino Pro blade, with Tibhar MX-P 50 on my backhand , and Donic BlueGrip C2 on my forehand. A truly great experience and I look forward to the one In May!