cherry hill1
How many years can two friends keep on performing table tennis exhibitions? Answer: As long as the body lasts.

Cherry Hills Country Club was the setting for this table tennis exhibition, entertaining the Cherry Hills Men’s Golf Club members after their yearly member golf tournament. For many it was a chance to beat up on the other little white ball. More than 100 people surrounded the table tennis table as Jim and I performed an 11 point game while Jim looped smashed ball after ball at me while I read my novel. My moment of glory was calling my “Babe Ruth” edge ball ( that means of course that I predicted I would serve an edge ball against the champ), and yes, the edge ball hit and I was glad that Jim did not scrape his hand on the side of the table nor bleed on me by trying to return my edge serve.

After a few behind the back smashes against Jim he decided this was enough for the Pingpongman and decided to finish me off 11-8 so we could take on several of the Cherry Hill members. As usual Jim and I made all of them feel like Champions, for at least one point anyway. Jim and I want to thank Gordon Kaye, USA Table Tennis CEO for his wonderful support in setting up the presentation and for being there for Jim and I at the Country Club…

cherry hill2