The STIGA expansions are continuing.  In 2013 the Head Office expanded with a new 2 800m2 building.  Now, just a little over a year later, the huge increase in demand for handcrafted STIGA blades has necessitated another expansion.  Stiga has decided to advance their blade production capabilities with a new state of the art production complex.

The new building measuring 1 500m2 will be equipped with top of the line high tech equipment.  Soon, it will be filled with world class staff with years of experience in wood, carbon and production.  The new Production building together with an expanded Research and Development Center will be up and running in June 2015!

The news release for the last expansion from August of 2013:

The new 2 800 m2 building is ready!

The demand for STIGA products around the world grows stronger. To keep up with the growing demand, we have expanded our Head Office in Eskilstuna, Sweden with a new 2 800 m2 building. The Head Office space now measures a total of 11 000 m2!

Now we only wait for the last details to be ready, like the parking lot and surroundings.

We are ready for the future!