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Coaching Tip: Never Give a Server What He’s Looking For


Most players serve with a purpose. They are trying to get you to return their serve in a specific way so...

Coaching Tip: Returning Hidden and Other Tricky Spin Serves

What can a player do if he is having trouble reading the spin on the opponent's...

Coaching Tip: Three Reasons Players Miss Against Deep Sidespin and Topspin Serves

At the elite levels, deep sidespin and topspin serves mostly get looped, and are mostly used...

Coaching Tip: Pushing Short

One of the trickier things in table tennis starting at the intermediate level is how to...

Coaching Tip: Should you Choose Serve, Receive, or Side at the Start of a Match?

The time when a player is most likely to miss easy shots is at the very...

Coaching Tip: The Many Ways to Receive a Short Backspin Serve

I am often left in open-mouthed astonishment when watching matches as players will return short backspin...

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