ICC Is a New ITTF Hot Spot Training Center!

We are proud to be selected by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) as a Hot Spot Training Center. There are only 22 such centers in the world.

ICC Table Tennis Center’s Junior Training and TKP program is sponsored by JUIC and Paddle Palace.


  1. In catalog 293 (Autumn 2011), on page 64, you have a photo that is mislabeled.

    Coach Constantini is not talking to Ariel and Lily, he is with Jiaqi and Maggie.

    Maggie’s name is on the back of her shirt. Maybe you can put their photos on

    the cover of the next issue so people can recognize Ariel, Lily, Maggie and Jiaqi.

    They have similar hair styles but there is about a 5 years difference in their age.

    • Paddle Palace

      Hi Long,
      Thanks for the email. We are aware the photo is mislabeled. There isn’t much we can do about it at this point but note a correction. in the next catalog.

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