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Jet Lag

Nittaku’s Samson Dubina Explains How to Beat Jet Lag Regardless if you are traveling across the world or even across the United States to the US Open, changing timezone can cause...

Serve or Receive?

Nittaku’s Samson Dubina Asks – Serve or Receive? If you win the toss, which do you choose? Serve or Receive? This article starts off seemingly insignificant but concludes with the main...

Coaching Tip: Never Give a Server What He’s Looking For


Most players serve with a purpose. They are trying to get you to return their serve in a specific way so...

Coaching Tip: Should you Choose Serve, Receive, or Side at the Start of a Match?

The time when a player is most likely to miss easy shots is at the very...

Coaching Tip: Where to Serve Short?

Many players understand the need to serve short (in addition to long serves), since short serves...

Coaching Tip: Height of Service Toss

How high should you toss the ball when you serve? At all levels there's a huge...

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