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Coaching Tip: Backhand Sidespin Push

Guo Yue

When pushing on the backhand, most players are at one of three levels: • Level One: Get it back. • Level Two: Do something...

Coaching Tip: Pushing Short

One of the trickier things in table tennis starting at the intermediate level is how to...

Coaching Tip: Pushing Change of Direction

Far too often players make two mistakes when pushing. First, they push to the backhand over...

Put the Ball on the Table!

Samson Dubina

Once a player has mastered all four aspects, he might feel that he should...

Coaching Tip: Winning with Backspin for the Non-Chopper

You don't need to be a chopper to win with backspin, even in this modern age...

Coaching Tip: Make a Game of Your Weaknesses

One of the best ways to improve is to make a game that zeroes in on...

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