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Table Tennis Injuries

Nittaku’s Samson Dubina Warns About Table Tennis Injuries I made this video to show 2 things… 1. Table tennis injuries are real. You must be careful, especially in doubles when your...

Choosing a Blade!!!

Choosing a Blade by Samson Dubina Search by looking at 8 different criteria… Choosing the right blade is one of the most important equipment decisions you will ever make. Thankfully,...

Sponge Hardness

Sponge Hardness by Samson Dubina In table tennis, there are various ways to win points – with speed, spin, consistency, placement, and variation. Players utilize each of these elements differently...

World Class Fun

World Class Fun by Samson Dubina It usually takes about 10-20 years for an athlete to reach a world-class level. Most kids get burned out after 2-3 years and never...
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