Courtesy of Seth Pech

Recently I had the opportunity to try out the new tacky modern rubber K3 from Tibhar. Tibhar has been updating this rubber for many years and I really feel that K3 delivers all the aspects that Top level players are looking for. That being said I feel this rubber really caters to a certain playing style. Maybe it’s the rubber for your game!

My first impression of the rubber is that it is nice and tacky on par with Dignics, Donic BlueGrip, and Stiga Dragon Grip. It’s delivering the tackiness that you would expect a modern European tacky rubber to provide.

I would say that this rubber is very similar to the Dignics rubber and a very valid replacement to it. The Throw angle is much the same, a nice upward throw that comes down safely with the added spin, its dwell time is also very similar to Dignics, holding the ball a good amount of time which gives the player using it a great opportunity to make good counter loops, spiny serves, as well as lots of control in the short game. I would feel the speed of the rubber is suitable for an offensive player, you will be able to finish points with this rubber. It seems to be a bit of a problem when a company develops a tacky rubber that has good dwell time to make it fast enough to finish points against high level players but this one does a good job.

I was really impressed with the control with this rubber, I can very safely loop up balls from under the table as well as counterloop heavy topspin balls with ease, that’s one thing that I have a hard time with Donic BlueGrip and Stiga Dragon Grip as their throw angles are very high and long. So this rubber is really built for an all around offensive player who wins through consistency and placement whereas the bluegrip C2 and Stiga Dragon Grip are great for blasting it through your opponent.

I would say this rubber is NOT suited for players who like to punch block or make very strong flat loops as the rubber seems to fold when flat hit and kind of balloons randomly, that could just be me as I hit the ball very flat and strong sometimes and many may not reach that threshold.

I would say this rubber is perfect for levels 1700-2400 as its fast spiny and controllable I could also see 2400+ players using it depending on their playing style.

I think Tibhar made a perfect rubber here and would highly recommend it if you feel you are an offensive looper looking to gain an advantage with spin, placement, control and the ability to counterloop everything! 

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