Paddle Palace Club Coach – Jiwei Xia provides some great tips to improve your Forehand and Backhand Loops against Topspin

  • Get into position with your body not with your hand
  • Make the transition from your forehand to backhand in front of the body
  • Use your waist rotation to supplement the stroke on both sides

EQUIPMENT REVIEW from Jiwei Xia, Paddle Palace Team Expert:
“Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo Orange provides me with the best power on the market for my forehand attacks. I can put away pushes, chop, and soft opening with ease. The new sponge is easier to smash with and my serves really have extra spin. I use Nittaku Hammond Power to block with great accuracy and loop with amazing power on my backhand side. I especially like the extra feel I have on soft shots. The Nittaku Tornado King Speed blade is the perfect blade for me or anyone that wants to play with the same power as the Chinese National Team. The Kevlar Carbon gives me flexibility and stability to control or finish the point on my terms. This blade isn’t for control players, but instead for players that want to finish the point. 

Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo Orange
Nittaku Hammond Power
Nittaku Tornado King Speed Blade