andro table tennis provides a chance to meet the ITTF Pro’s courtesy of our favorite commentator Adam Bobrow. This episode features USA Olympian Kanak Jha.  Adam and Kanak have been buddies for a very long time so the  Kanak will be shooting for his 3rd straight Men’s Singles title at the US Nationals in Las Vegas this summer.  Paddle Palace will be in Las Vegas for both the US Nationals and World Veteran Championships.  As expected, Adam does a masterful job of getting Kanak to share his goals, how he got started and some of his dance moves.

The last episode Adam beat a right-handed Timo Boll playing, however this time he kept his andro powered weapons in its case! For those wanting the inside scoop on Adam, he uses an andro Treiber K blade and andro Rasanter V42 rubber on both sides!

We look forward to the next interview and a chance to see world-class players up close and personal!

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