nittaku-justballNittaku 3-Star Premium 40+: Best Ball By Any Measure

Poly balls were first approved by ITTF in 2014. Since that time there has been huge worldwide demand for the Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+ ball, the
only ITTF approved non-celluloid poly ball made in Japan. There are 218 member countries of the ITTF, among the highest international membership of any sport, so supplying this popular new ball is a tall order to fill. Throughout the process, Nittaku has never compromised on the quality of the ball that has made them famous. When you use the Nittaku Premium 40+ Ball, you know you are playing with the best.


What makes the Premium 40+ so great? As the saying goes, it is the Best Ball By Any Measure!
ITTF regulations for 40+ balls do not dictate the exact material it is made from, or how it is produced. In this regard,
the only ITTF specifications are that the materials are not dangerous for health and they do not contain any celluloid.
Nittaku uses the very finest material, unique to Nittaku, for their Japan-made Premium 40+ Ball. For ITTF Approval, the new poly balls must conform to measurable standards for Weight, Diameter, Roundness, Rebound, Veer, and Hardness. See the chart above, showing a comparison of the old requirements and new requirements.

The ITTF specifications for the new 40+ balls are the same as they were for the previous 40 balls, except they are more strict now for Diameter and for Roundness. ITTF changed the 40+ poly ball diameter range to be
stricter and the diameter maximum to be very slightly bigger (see Ball Diameter chart). Now the range is 40.0 – 40.6
whereas before it was 39.5 – 40.5. The reason given is that the manufacturers were making the celluloid balls smaller
than 40.0 on the average. Since diameter is one of the easiest properties to control during production, ITTF decided to
improve the requirements. As players know, Roundness greatly affects the consistency and playability of table tennis
balls. ITTF made the Roundness specifications more strict, from a tolerance of <0.35 mm to <0.25 mm for the difference between the maximum and minimum diameter on the same ball. Roundness is also tested with the Veer test (see diagram at left). For this test, balls are rolled for one meter on a 14 degree incline, and the rolling balls must not deviate outside of 175 mm from the center line.

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Here again, with the Veer test and all others, Nittaku exceeds ITTF requirements. Nittaku is more strict with their own ball testing than ITTF. If a ball is not good enough, it simply does not become a NIttaku Premium 40+ ball. Of course, what players really care about is how the balls play. Are they round? Are they consistent? How long do they last? Are they a pleasure to play with? The good news is YES, this ball exists! The Nittaku 3-Star Premium ball exceeds all ITTF specifications, plus of all poly balls it most closely resembles the playing characteristics that players appreciated about the old celluloid balls. For the Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+ Ball, made in Japan by Nittaku, quality is never compromised. This is the Best Ball By Any Measure.