How Table Tennis Brings Health, Hope and Happiness to the Underprivileged

Cho! For a Cause Founder and President, Jared Wong, found an opportunity to share his love for table tennis in a unique way. Cho! For a Cause reaches out to table tennis clubs as well as leading table tennis manufacturers of equipment and clothing to gather donations. Then these gently used paddles, rubbers, balls and clothes are donated to community centers, table tennis clubs and Veterans’ Hospitals in disadvantaged areas. Jared feels that his outreach will increase the appreciation for table tennis in the United States as well as help younger players deepen their passion for the sport. Cho! For a Cause will also give its participants an opportunity to give back to the community. Jared is happy that he found a way to reach out into the table tennis community and truly make a difference. We hope that you can join us in the spirit of giving.

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