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Reflex Sports and Alpha Productions, two well known names in US table tennis, are planning  a series of action-packed, fast-paced 1-hour shows of World-Class Table Tennis for broadcast on U.S. Network TV! These will include action from the WTTC, World Junior Championships, World Cup, Pro Tour, European Championships & more!

Reflex Sports and Alpha Productions, leaders in DVD and TV table tennis productions, plan to continue their promotion of table tennis with this dynamic series. Our supporters recognize the importance of high-quality national television coverage. Only with such a regular presence on TV in USA can our sport get the respect it deserves. 

We are seeking funding to allow us to produce exciting programs that give these great competitions and great players a regular presence on U.S. TV (Tennis Channel).  We ask for your help in covering the costs of footage acquisition, rights, post-production, expert commentators and airtime on the Tennis Channel.

We are very excited about this project and what it can do for changing the image of the sport in the U.S. As competitive players and experienced editors and producers of table tennis programming, we will deliver first-class shows designed to convey the sport’s excitement and to captivate and hold the attention of an audience that may partly be new to the sport.

These shows will be action packed, fast paced and stylishly presented and will be in HD quality with multiple camera angles, slo-mo replays, graphics and expert commentary.

Our immediate goal is to get the pilot episode on the air. We can then continue to obtain funding for the rest of the series. Our long-range goal is to produce at least one hour-long show per month for at least one year. If the project fuels over 100%, we would apply those funds to the production of future shows of the series. 

Table Tennis is among the most widely played competitive sports in the world. It is one of the fastest and most demanding, requiring top athletic ability and lightning quick reflexes. It is also one of the most exciting and intense of all sports. Let’s make sure everyone knows. Let’s make these shows a reality!

Click below for a video from Gary Ruderman of Reflex Sports, and Diego Schaaf of Alpha Productions with an introduction to “Table Tennis World Tour,” a series of fast-paced action-packed shows of world-class table tennis competition. You can help make this happen!