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2019 Paddle Palace Bellevue Summer Open

Entry Blank | Player Listing... Read More

NITTAKU Premium 40+ Named Official Ball for 2017 World Championships

nittaku-justballThe Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+ is chosen as the official ball for the next World Championships taking place in Dusseldorf, Germany... Read More

Adapt Quickly to be Tournament Tough, by Samson Dubina

samson1_croppedTo play well in a tournament you must be adaptable to the situation and be "tournament tough". Samson Dubina gives excellent... Read More

The Attacking Mindset, by Samson Dubina

Kasumi_Ishikawa_1_morecropped If you are an offensive players, there are 2 aspects of the game that you need to master. The first aspect is... Read More

Winning Deuce Games, by Samson Dubina

Wang_Liqin_fist How do you pull out a deuce game to victory? Samson Dubina shares several keys to keep in mind during the last... Read More

Concentration, by Samson Dubina

I have a little homework assignment for you. Stand 2 feet away from a 5-gallon bucket and toss a penny into the... Read More