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Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+: Best Ball By Any Measure

nittaku-justballPoly balls were first approved by ITTF in 2014. Since that time there has been huge worldwide demand for the Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+ ball, the only ITTF approved non-celluloid poly ball made in Japan. There are 218 member countries of the ITTF, among the highest international membership of any sport, so supplying this popular new ball is a tall order to fill. Throughout the process, Nittaku has never compromised on the quality of the ball that has made them famous. When you use the Nittaku Premium 40+ Ball, you know you are playing with the best.

Nittaku Premium 40+ Ball to be used at European TT Championships Sept. 24-28

The prestigious European Championships being held this year in Lisbon, Portugal at MEO Arena from September 24th-28th will be one of the first major international championships using the new plastic poly balls. ITTF has mandated that all ITTF sanctioned events will use non-celluloid plastic balls as of August, 2014. The Nittaku Premium 40+ ball is the official ball for the European Championships. Made in Japan, the Nittaku Premium 40+ Ball is the only ITTF-approved non-celluloid ball made outside of China.

Table Tennis Balls: Going Plastic for Future Events

Samsonov ITTF photo Commencing on Tuesday 1st July 2014, all International Table Tennis Federation sanctioned and World Title events will be played using plastic composite balls instead of the traditional celluloid ball. There are no changes to the regulations already in place; plastic balls have been in accordance with regulations since the 1950′s. Table tennis events may still be played using celluloid balls. On the change, the ITTF President Adham Sharara stated: “Any change in sport usually divides the participants into three groups. The “optimists” who believe the change is for the best; the “pessimists” who believe the change is a disaster; and finally the “indifferent” who just go with the flow.”

Review of Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+ Poly Balls

Nittaku Premium 40+ BallA comprehensive review from Larry Hodges about the Nittaku Premium 40+ poly balls, available in October. What is it like? How sturdy and durable is it? How does it compare in size and hardness? What are the results of a bounce test? How does it perform when serving, blocking, looping, counter-driving, hitting, and chopping? How will it affect players of various playing styles?

Coaching Tip: Multiball Training

Most rallies at the intermediate level start out with backspin, often with the server looking to serve and loop. If he doesn’t loop, then the receiver looks for a chance to loop. Whoever can open with a strong loop against backspin has a huge advantage. But many players practice looping against the block over and over, or occasionally do serve and loop drills where they get only one loop in the rally. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to practice looping against backspin systematically, over and over? (Well, that’s easy – play a chopper. But there aren’t that many choppers around these days. So what can you do if you don’t have a chopper handy?)

Review of new plastic Table Tennis Ball

Australian Olympian William Henzell received a proto-type of the new plastic table tennis ball at the 2012 World Championships in Dortmund. This excellent video shows his frank and thorough review of his test of the ball. Everyone is curious about the new balls and there are many questions that William addresses such as, “How differently will they play?”, “Will there be less spin?”, “Are they going to be faster or slower?”. Also included in this Paddle Palace blog is a written transcription of his review.

NITTAKU Selected Again as Official Ball of USA Table Tennis

NITTAKU, PADDLE PALACE, and USATT are pleased to announce the selection of the NITTAKU 3-Star Premium Ball as the official ball of USA Table Tennis for 2012-2015. NITTAKU is the exclusive ball for the U.S. Open and the U.S. National Championships. NITTAKU 3-Star Premium ball has long been recognized by top players around the world as the highest quality ball. NITTAKU is the official ball for the 2012 Olympics in London.

Table Tennis Moves to the Urban Outdoors

 Here in New York City there’s a park which is on a growing list of public outdoor spaces in the US that has a permanent outdoor table tennis table. The location of the table is dead center in the 10 acre Tompkins Square Park, right next to the fifth most popular dog run in the country, and at the crossroads of people’s routes to and from stores, home, school, work.

Paddle Palace at the 2011 US Open

Thanks to all of our good friends and customers who visited us at this year’s US Open booth! There were many exciting events at this year’s US Open, held in Milwaukee, WI the first weekend in July. There were several events celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Ping Pong Diplomacy in and around the venue. Over 700 players participated in the U.S. Open, culiminating in an exciting seven-game men’s fnal. The Para Olympic individual and team competitions…

Perfecting Your Serve by Samson Dubina

Samson Dubina

Improving your serve is the fastest way to progress your game. In this article, I will be outlining nine ways that I personally use to perfect my serve: #1 Use the serves that best setup your game, #2 Train them in a tournament environment, #3 Miss some serves, #4 Use your best serves early, #5 Vary the quality of spin, #6 Remember to attack, #7 Be willing to sacrifice a couple points, #8 Train them to perfection, #9 Play practice matches…

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