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Austin Preiss Talks About His Table Tennis Game, Equipment, Training and Play


Austin Preiss has a long and steeped career in table tennis. Both as a player and...

Blake Griffin, professional ping pong player?

Blake GriffinBlake Griffin, pro basketball player, tries his hand at table tennis. His opponent: Soo Yeon Lee, pro ping pong...

Wang Liqin Multiball video in Rotterdam, May 2011

Wang Liqin's 30 second multiball training video from Rotterdam, May 2011.


Mie Skov in YouTube Action, talks about STIGA Boost Rubbers

YouTube video of top Women's player Mie Skov. She also talks about STIGA Boost Rubbers....

Jens Lundquist in YouTube action, and STIGA Rosewood Blades

Jens Lundquist

YouTube video of STIGA player Jens Lundquist in action. Jens Lundquist also talks about the STIGA Rosewood blades. His playing...
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