The Latest News & Happenings in the World of Table Tennis

USATT Massachusetts SQT Winners

Awesome performance from everyone who participated in the recent 2022 Massachusetts State Qualifications Westford Table Tennis Club !Here are the names of the winners who are making their ways to... Read More

LA Schools League – Owls vs. Trojans Red

Owls (WISH Charter) defeated Trojans Red (St. Catherine Laboure) 5-0 CJ Lucey defeated Sarah McDorman 3-0 (7, 5, 8)Ryan Scott defeated Javier Morales 3-2 (3, 13, -8, -6, 2)CJ Lucey/Ila... Read More

World Table Tennis Day 2022

We had a great day time of playing table tennis at Paddle Palace Club in Portland, Oregon on April 6, 2022! Thanks to all the PPC members and drop-in guest... Read More

USATT North Carolina SQT Winners

Heartfelt congratulations to the North Carolina qualifiers for making it to the 2022 US National Table Tennis Championships! Here is the list of 2022 North Carolina State Qualification Tournament winners... Read More

Seth Pech Takes on the Alguetti Trio

Facing a strong opponent is no easy task. When that opponent has two additional siblings that are also highly ranked, you have your work cut out for you. This edition... Read More

What is FastPong?

#SDTTA Coach Samson Dubina introduces a new game/technology to make playing with your robot or multi-ball more fun – FastPong. If you can attend a SDTTA clinic or tournament, give... Read More

LA Schools League – Lions A vs. Lions B

Lions A (Le Lycee Francais de L.A.) defeated Lions B (Le Lycee Francais de L.A.) 5-0 Daiki Harimoto defeated Roc Morgan 3-0 (5, 7, 6)Matias Neves defeated Antoine Soirat 3-1... Read More
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