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Samson Dubina: Overplaying!

Overplaying! In 2016, I was selected as a US National Team Coach. Throughout 2016, as I talked with many national team players, one main topic continued to rise to the... Read More

Paddle Palace Club, Well Established but New Venture

by Christian Lillieroos, Course Conductor The Paddle Palace Club in Portland Oregon, the Pacific Northwest premier table tennis experience in the United States, opened one year ago, was the recent... Read More

Paddle Palace Club Host First USATT Class 11 Training and Classification Event

The Paddle Palace Table Tennis Club in association with Athletes Without Limits hosted USA Table Tennis’s first Class 11 Classification and Training Camp. USA Table Tennis National Classification Officer Sharon... Read More

Stiga Mantra Medium & Hard – New Equipment Review by USATT

Review by Matt Hetherington, USATT, Aug. 15, 2017   Tested Equipment: Blade: DONIC Waldner Senso Carbon V1 Rubber: Stiga Mantra M (Forehand), Stiga Mantra H (Backhand) Rubber Specs: Mantra H:... Read More

Samson Dubina: Who is the Expert?

Who is the Expert? You! You as the athlete, YOU must be the expert! But, but, but… I thought the coach was supposed to be the expert? No, the... Read More

Samson Dubina: Devastate the Defensive Blocker

Devastate the Defensive Blocker Why are you looping? I see that you are looping everything against that blocker – looping his serves, looping his pushes, looping his blocks. Why are... Read More

Samson Dubina: The Cute Little Guessing Game

The Cute Little Guessing Game About 95% of players say that serve return in their biggest issue. Within this issue, there is one primary problem and then there is a... Read More
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