The Latest News & Happenings in the World of Table Tennis

The Tactical Mindset

The Tactical Mindset by Samson Dubina Just like any other table tennis skills, developing a tactical mindset takes discipline.  As I work through the various styles over the coming weeks and... Read More

How to Beat Yourself

How to Beat Yourself by Samson Dubina Learn a New Way to Think Players often strategize on how to beat their rivals.  They spend endless hours studying video clips of the... Read More

Nittaku ITTF Monthly Pongcast – December 2018

Join the Nittaku’s ITTF Pongcast as it looks at all the international table tennis action in December 2018. This month, the Pongcast reviews World Junior Championships,  2018 ITTF Star Awards, ... Read More

Truls Moregardh – Ask a Pro Anything presented by andro

Swedish youngster Truls Moregardh takes on the ITTF Ask A Pro Anything Challenge presented by andro with Adam Bobrow. Listen to him, as he tries to answer questions from his... Read More

It Ain’t Piano

It Ain’t Piano By Samson Dubina If you ever took piano lessons, you probably know that there is a very systematic approach for beginners.  Often there is a 30 or... Read More

DHS ITTF Top 10 – 2018 World Tour Grand Finals

Check out the best 10 points from the Seamaster 2018 ITTF World Tour Grand Finals by watching the DHS Top 10. The official ball of the championships DHS D40+ Balls... Read More

Best of 2018 – Ask a Pro Anything presented by andro

Wonder what interviewer Adam uses? His choice is an andro Treiber K blade and andro Rasanter V42 rubber on both sides!  We look forward to his next interview and a chance to... Read More
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