The Latest News & Happenings in the World of Table Tennis

Meet Texas Wesleyan University

Paddle Palace interviewed Jasna Rather, the Director of the Texas Wesleyan University Table Tennis Team. 1) What brought you to Texas Wesleyan University? In summer of 2001 I happened to... Read More

LATTA Thanh Banh Memorial Tournament

By Tawny Banh One hundred players joined LATTA to celebrate the life of Thanh Banh on January 26 in El Monte, CA. The 2-star USATT event was sponsored by Mr.... Read More

Neglected Footwork

In and Out Footwork by Samson Dubina About 99% of the time, players practice side-to-side footwork moving from forehand to backhand and backhand to forehand.  I rarely see players practice in-and-out... Read More

LRTTC 2019 Winter Giant Round Robin

Courtesy of Mike Lauro, Jr.     The Little Rock Table Tennis Club is excited to provide this tournament report for 2019 LRTTC Winter Giant Round Robin Tournament. First, thanks... Read More


OFFICIAL JAMES BROWN NIGHT RECAP – Courtesy of Jeff Wyrick January ping pong in Amarillo. Last time we did this, it was a cool, dimly-lit garage in Olsen Park on... Read More

Sofia Polcanova – Ask a Pro Anything presented by andro

Europe’s Top Female Player Sofia Polcanova takes on the ITTF Ask A Pro Anything Challenge presented by andro with Adam Bobrow. Listen to her, as she tries to answer questions... Read More

The Tactical Mindset

The Tactical Mindset by Samson Dubina Just like any other table tennis skills, developing a tactical mindset takes discipline.  As I work through the various styles over the coming weeks and... Read More