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  • New DVD! International Table Tennis SkillsOver two hours of outstanding instruction by Coach Samson Dubina
  • DHS Top 10 Rallies of 2014!Relive the most magic moments of the year!
  • Jimmy Butler, 2014 US Men's Champion4-Time US Champion's Amazing Comeback to win 21 years later!
  • Lily Zhang, 2014 US Women's ChampionLily Zhang wins Triple Crown! Women's Singles, Women's Doubles, and Mixed Doubles
  • Gold Medalists at Youth Olympic GamesTheir Blade: STIGA Infinity VPS V
  • Stiga Airoc RubberNew rubber for the new plastic ball!
  • Read Our Coaching ArticlesGuaranteed to Improve Your Game!
  • New Poly Balls Are Here!Nittaku 3-Star SHA 40+
  • Stellan SecretsEquipment Reviews and Tips from Stellan Bengtsson
New DVD! International Table Tennis Skills1 DHS Top 10 Rallies of 2014!2 Jimmy Butler, 2014 US Men's Champion3 Lily Zhang, 2014 US Women's Champion4 Gold Medalists at Youth Olympic Games5 Stiga Airoc Rubber6 Read Our Coaching Articles7 New Poly Balls Are Here!8 Stellan Secrets9

Diagram of a Champion: Tim Wang and STIGA   Great New Articles from Samson Dubina


Great Reads to Improve your game! New postings of coaching articles by Samson Dubina.

How Do You Know if You Have Good Strokes?
Boosting Your Level with SPIN!
Serving Precision

Great Practice Not Always Gets Great Results
How To Watch a Pro Player
When Your Opponent Has Illegal Serves
More Tips by Samson Dubina

Drill Your Skills (#9): Forehand Penholder Attack   Paddle Palace: North America Sole Distributor for DHS

Chinese National Team player and former World Junior

Champion Wu Jiaji will show you how to produce an

effective Forehand Penholder Attack.

Drill Your Skills Part 9: Forehand Penholder Attack

Paddle Palace and DHS are proud to announce that Paddle Palace is the North American Distributor for DHS. Double Happiness has developed unique and innovative products, used by the best players in the world, and we are excited to offer DHS to our customers!
 NITTAKU 3-Star SHA 40+ New Poly Balls made in China  Gold Medal Winners at Youth Olympic Games using STIGA Infinity VPS V blade
Nittaku 3-Star SHA 40+The new poly balls have arrived! These are new, non-celluloid poly balls, legal for all ITTF sanctioned tournaments. The Nittaku 3-Star SHA 40+ balls are made in China. Made in white only at this time. Click to see a Q & A about the new regulations. YOG_goldGold Medal Winners at Youth Olympic Games Men’s Singles: Fan Zhendong Women’s Singles: Liu Gaoyang

Both won using the STIGA Infinity VPS V blade – with Diamond Touch!

STIGA ICC Player Lily Zhang won BRONZE!

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