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2016 Olympic Games
2016 TeamUSA: Road to Rio
Olympics+Day+1+Table+Tennis+VynTDV7gsC3lWith the Olympics approaching soon (August 6), check here often for the latest updates and news on TeamUSA and the top players from throughout the world as they reach for the top prize in the sport in Rio.  ITTF’s Olympic Site  |  USATT’s Latest Olympic News 2691248783976341143Follow TeamUSA as they prepare to take on the World at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.Follow TeamUSA:  TeamUSA Page  *Support TeamUSA: FriendsWithPaddles
Sole North American Distributor of DHS Official Ball for 2017 World Championships
Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+
dhs_400_wordpressPaddle Palace is the North American Distributor for DHS. Visit for a full line of DHS blades, rubber, and accessories.
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Untitled-4NITTAKU PREMIUM 40+  is chosen as the official ball for the next World Championships taking place in Dusseldorf, Germany May 29 through June 5, 2017. Nittaku is the “Official Ball Sponsor and Supplier” for the event in Dusseldorf.
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STIGA’s Drill Your Skills Series Improve Your Game With Coach Samson Dubina


STIGA’s Drill Your Skills series offers coaching videos with members of the Chinese National Team.  Improve your skills watching techniques of some of the best players in the world.  

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Samson Dubina

Practice vs. Games
Peak Performance
Good, Better, Best

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