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  • New Poly Balls Are Here!Nittaku 3-Star SHA 40+
  • Stiga Airoc RubberIt's Here! New rubber for the new plastic ball!
  • Stellan SecretsEquipment Reviews and Tips from Stellan Bengtsson
  • Tahl LeibovitzVIEW a Video Highlights of a Paralympic Gold Medalist and STIGA sponsored player.
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New Poly Balls Are Here!1 Stiga Airoc Rubber2 Stellan Secrets3 Tahl Leibovitz4 Read Our Coaching Articles5

New Plastic “Poly” Balls   New from Samson Dubina, Winning Deuce Games
Nittaku 3-Star SHA 40+The new poly balls have arrived! These are new, non-celluloid poly balls, legal for all ITTF sanctioned tournaments. The Nittaku 3-Star SHA 40+ balls are made in China. Made in white only at this time. Click to see a Q & A about the new regulations.  Samson DubinaImprove your game! New postings of coaching articles by Samson Dubina.

Winning Deuce Games | Adapt Quickly to be Tournament Tough
Concentration | Serving Against a Strong Attacker
The Attacking Mindset | Stepping Around Your Backhand
More Tips by Samson Dubina

Lily and Krish 2014 Youth Olympics STIGA 70 Anniversary (1944-2014) Video
lily_krish_rajulBest wishes to Lily Zhang and Krishnateja Avvari, on their way to the Youth Olympic Games!  
 2014 US Open
Results, Photos, Videos
 Five-Ball Attack by Larry Hodges

2014 US Open Table Tennis Championships

Comprehensive results, photos, and videos from the 2014 US Open, courtesy of USA Table Tennis. The US Open was held July 1-5 in Grand Rapids, MI.

Nittaku 3 Star Premium Balls are the Official Ball of USA Table Tennis and 2014 US Open.

Jens-LundquistMost players know what a third-ball attack is: you serve, the opponent returns, and you attack aggressively, usually with a loop, a smash, a hard-hit drive, or perhaps a quick off-the-bounce drive. It’s that simple. But this means you are relying on your opponent to return your serve in a way that you can attack effectively. While you want to develop your third-ball attack, you also want to develop your five-ball attack as your fallback plan.  Read Full Article   |   More Tips by Larry Hodges 
 New! STIGA Airoc Rubber Improve Your Game with a Paddle Palace Robot

Power is in the Air! STIGA Airoc!
The new STIGA Airoc exceeds expectations! Optimized for the poly ball, it utilizes STIGA’s new OCS sponge technology to increase catapult effect without changing the spin ratio. This allows aggressive players to maintain the same spin/speed proportions they have always enjoyed. 


Paddle Palace has you covered with a complete range of robots to allow you to reach your full potential!  The Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro has a new Touch Screen and Spin Indicator Panel.  You can save up to nine of your own favorite custom sequences, and you can easily modify the 30 built-in sequences. The Paddle Palace S4W Pro has two heads and four throw wheels with advanced technology.  The Paddle Palace A32W Pro has many advanced features at a very affordable price including two throw wheels controlled by two independent motors. For ease of setup and use you simply can beat the Paddle Palace Table Top Pro Robot. 

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