The Latest News & Happenings in the World of Table Tennis

The Most Peaceful Place on Earth

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Discover Living With African Elephants

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Hot & Wild: The Winds of Patagonia

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“Chinese are not guilty if they win every championship”

14616718158927OK. we often heard that maybe it’s a little bit boring, I’ll start with this. If the Chinese win every... Read More

Dima Ovtcharov: Busy Property


At the Olympic Games in Rio the German Team will be led by Germany's No. 1 Dimitrij Ovtcharov. So far,... Read More

Timo Boll Wins Hamm Olympic Test

-w300_olympia_vorbereitungs_turnier_hamm_2016_siegerehrung_foto_fl_400bTimo Boll won the Olympic test tournament in Hamm (16 July 2016). In the final, the current European champion left... Read More

US Nationals Finals and Recap

2016Vegas6Kanak Jha defeated fellow-Olympian Yijun Feng in a tight, seven-game match (-10,-6,10,-5,12,7,9). The match was closely contested throughout with Feng's reverse... Read More
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