The Latest News & Happenings in the World of Table Tennis

Ma Long Back In Form

Olympic Champion Ma Long has come back strong off an injury to claim his 28th career title on the ITTF Tour to surpass Belarussian legend Vladimir Samsonov’s 15 year-long record... Read More

DHS Top 10 – 2019 ITTF China Open

Check out the best 10 points from the Seamaster 2019 ITTF World Tour Platinum China Open by watching the DHS Top 10. Paddle Palace is the sole North American Distributor... Read More

Dumb Questions?

Courtesy of Samson Dubina Here are some of the questions that my readers have been asking lately. Some of my readers e-mail me saying, “I have a dumb question…” ... Read More

Hoarfrost Fondly Recalls Barnstorming Tours As Teenage Prodigy

“By the time Judy (Bochenski) Hoarfrost was 15 years old she had been the youngest member of the historic USA Ping Pong Diplomacy team that opened the door and relations... Read More

Ping-pong diplomacy and US-China relations: the game and the players that changed the course of history

Judy Bochenski was involved in one of the most astonishing geopolitical games in the world Then 15 years old, the American table tennis star’s 1971 trip to China would help... Read More

Pitfalls of Anticipation

Do you respond to your opponent or react? Is there a difference? Samson shares some direction of travel tips. Try them out and let us know if they help! Samson... Read More

ITTF Level 3 Coaching Course at SDTTA

We are delighted that ITTF, USATT, and the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy will be jointly hosting an ITTF Level 3 Coaches Course from September 4-11, 2019. The venue will... Read More
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