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Samson Dubina: Targeting the Transition

samson2Over and over again, I hear coaches at tournaments wisely reminding their students about the importance of ball placement, especially placement... Read More

Samson Dubina: Serve Return

samson2About 95% of all players say that serve return is their biggest problem. #1 Strokes: In order to return very... Read More

Olympians’ Equipment: Play Like the Pros with Paddle Palace

olympians-small When the best in the World battled in Rio, each used the combination of equipment that gave them the... Read More

Champagne Showers: German Team Party Nights in Rio

-h300_rio_2016_boll_sekt_dusche_foto_dttb_350b The DTTB team celebrated in the German House in Rio their medals - with champagne showers, caipirinha and music.... Read More

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