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Nittaku ITTF Monthly Pongcast – February 2020

Join the Nittaku’s February Pongcast as it looks at all the international table tennis action in February 2020. This month, the Pongcast features 2020 ITTF World Cup Qualification at the... Read More


Learn how to improve your game 500 points this year! By Samson Dubina Every table tennis player should strive for dexterity. This is a skill that some players are naturally... Read More

Chen Xingtong – Ask a Pro Anything presented by andro

This Chinese Superstar won the 2017 Swedish Open, 2019 Bulgarian Open, and the 2019 Czech Open. Chen explains how she knew she would become an international star, her favorite male... Read More

Probabilities vs Indicators

Learn About Anticipation By Samson Dubina A probability is what is likely to happen, an indicator is what is happening. Why is it important to understand these terms? Because your... Read More

Dina Meshref – Ask a Pro Anything presented by andro

This Egyptian Superstar is the first African to reach the Top 100 in the World Rankings (she is currently #40) and a 7 x African Cup winner. Dina provides Adam... Read More

Making Peace with the Edge

Learn to deal with half-long balls… By Samson Dubina The score was 9-9 in the final game, your opponent served a half-long serve to your backhand, you thought that the... Read More

DHS Top 10 – 2019 ITTF German Open

Check out the top 10 points from the 2020 ITTF German Open! Which was your favorite? Courtesy of the DHS Top 10. Paddle Palace is your #1 Distributor for DHS... Read More
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