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Serve Return

Nittaku’s Samson Dubina wants to improve your serve return Serve Return About 95% of all players say that serve return is their biggest problem. #1 Strokes In order to return very... Read More

2018 C4NC NY Table Tennis Open

Paddle Palace and Nittaku were Partners and Sponsors of the 2018 C4NC NY Table Tennis Open held in Little Neck, NY on October 20th. From the Love of a Game to... Read More

Matilda Ekholm – Ask a Pro Anything presented by andro

Sweden’s #1 female player Matilda Ekholm takes on the ITTF Ask A Pro Anything Challenge presented by andro with Adam Bobrow. Listen to her, as she tries to answer questions... Read More

The World’s Top Experts Answer Your Blade Questions

Thank you to the experts at Stiga, Tibhar, Donic, Nittaku, Andro, and Yasaka for answers to Frequently Asked Questions about table tennis blades. 1) How does blade weight affect performance?... Read More

2018 Huntsman World Senior Games

Paddle Palace and Nittaku are Partners and Sponsors of the Huntsman World Senior Games. Winners include: Doubles – Men Results Doubles – Women Results Doubles – Mixed Results Doubles –... Read More

2018 ITTF Men’s World Cup – STIGA Points of the Day

The 2018 ITTF Men’s World Cup was a table tennis competition held in Paris, France, from 19 to 21 October 2018. It was the 39th edition of the ITTF-sanctioned event,... Read More

3 Types of Tournaments

Nittaku’s Samson Dubina shares the different types of Tournaments Samson explains the difference between Investigating, Implementing and Performing type of tournaments. Knowing what stage of your competition development you are can... Read More
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