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Jimmy Butler on JUIC’s Stellan Bengtsson Alpha Blade


Jim Butler plays with JUIC's Stellan Bengtsson Alpha blade. He is a four-time US Men's...

DHS Top Ten Rallies of 2014

top10ralliesVideo of the DHS Top Ten table tennis rallies of 2014. Sit back and enjoy! Relive the magic moments of the past...

2014 US Nationals Champion, Jimmy Butler. Finals Match

Jim Butler, 2014 US Nationals ChampionVideo of 2014 US National Men's Champion, Jim Butler. The former 3-time US National Men's Champion (1990,...

Lily Zhang’s Amazing 2014 Year

USA Table TennisVideo tribute to Lily Zhang, the 2014 US Women's Singles, Women's Doubles, and Mixed Doubles Champion. In 2014 Lily represented...

Service Strategy and the Element of Surprise

Samson DubinaSamson Dubina shares some tips for effective serving, followed by a video demo of backhand loop. Most offensive players try to serve...

Practicing to be a Tournament Player, by Samson Dubina

Samson DubinaHundreds of hours of practice won’t accomplish the best possibly tournament results unless the skills are tested and tried in tournaments...

Bad Words to Avoid: for Students and for Coaches

Samson DubinaThis short read gives a tip on a simple word for students to avoid, and a simple word for coaches to...
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