The Latest News & Happenings in the World of Table Tennis

When Table Tennis Meets Tech

spin-main All the ingredients of today’s tech bubble were there — venture capitalists, angel investors, and start-up founders wearing t-shirts with company logos....

2015 US Open Event Schedule

7223435e-47de-4330-bb5c-2d6b6ca29820 2015 US Open Event Schedule...

Das Dream Team – OVTCHAROV Hires Jörgen PERSSON as Coach

Dima_J__rgen_Interview_DTTZ_SF Dimitri Ovtcharov has hired Jörgen Persson as his personal coach. The goal is for the Swede to help Dima...

Dimitirj Ovtcharov – Ask a Pro Anything

Adam Bobrow hands it over to Swedish legend Jorgen Persson to ask Dimitrij Ovtcharov how he trains, if he sings opera, which great he would have liked to compete against...

Vladimir Samsonov: “On The Rise”

1514948_10153258598109124_7945331333008635257_n As an encore to his win at the Qatar Open, Vladimir made a deep run at the 2015 German Open...

Spanish Open 2015

Spain-flag-map-plus-ultra Live Streaming of the 2015 Spanish Open or stream full matches from the last few days (including Quarterfinals and Semifinals of...

German Open 2015


LIVE FEED - GERMAN OPEN: The world's best converge on Bremen, Germany for the...

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