The Latest News & Happenings in the World of Table Tennis

Michael Maze to Face Ma Lin in Event in Copenhagen

Michael Maze to Face Ma Lin as he completes his comeback following knee surgery 18 months ago....

DONIC Player Profile: Wang Xi

DONIC Player Profile - Wang Xi of RhönSprudel Fulda Maberzell....

Samson Dubina: Peak Performance

samson2 Many professional players peak for certain tournaments each year. By having a systematic training cycle, these players can perform well...

Samson Dubina: Good, Better, Best

samson2 Most players have Good practice sessions on a weekly basis but it isn’t THE BEST! Many players continue practicing the...

Samson Dubina: Inside Information

samson2 When hitting backhands, many table tennis players do a great job hitting to different locations. Because they are able to...

2015 China Open Live Streaming

YOG_gold Live Streaming of the China Open Aug 5-9, 2015...

Building Team USA: Jennifer Wu becomes first to qualify for Rio

wu(2)Yue "Jennifer" Wu won the singles event at the 2015 Pan Am games becoming the first table tennis player to qualify for...
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