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Seth Pech Takes on the Alguetti Trio

Facing a strong opponent is no easy task. When that opponent has two additional siblings that are also highly ranked, you have your work cut out for you. This edition...

HOW TO Master an Unstoppable Forehand Loop

Paddle Palace Star Player and Coach, Seth Pech wants to help you master the most important shot in the game. Seth provides a full tutorial to learn how the Chinese...

3 Drills That Will Level Up Your Game

Paddle Palace Star Player and Coach, Seth Pech along with PandaPong share 3 Drills everyone should practice on a regular basis to to improve. Learn some terrific secrets to improving...

Seth Pech vs Sharon Alguetti at the 2022 Presper Financial Architects Open

Seth breaks down his match with US Team Member Sharon Alguetti. Match Tactics Discussed Sharon Plays Backhand to Seth’s middle and Seth takes the ball to his forehand 0:38 1:20...

Backhand Tips No One Tells You

Paddle Palace Star Player and Coach Seth Pech shares tips to improve your backhand. Timing tips, racket angle, and turning the table on your opponent are all covered....

5 Tips to Improve Table Tennis Practice

In this video Seth shares 5 tips that have really helped him improve his table tennis practice and get the most out of it. Topics 1. Keep score in your...
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