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5 Aspects of Ball Selection

Choosing the right ball for your next match can be tricky. You want to find one without any soft spots, cracks, or wobbles. The size (40mm) and weight (2.7g) should...

Sarah Jalli – WTT Update

Dear Paddle Palace & Nittaku,       I just wanted to give you a quick update on my results and experiences over the last month and what is coming up...

How Many Matches Should I Play Each Week?

To improve you must challenge yourself. Should you do more drills or play more matches? Let Coach Samson Dubina shares his thoughts on this important topic to help you reach...

Having a Champion Mindset in Table Tennis and in Life

How do you grow in table tennis? Is it the wins? The losses? Coach Samson Dubina shares an important lesson he learned from one of his players in a recent...

Do you know the Difference between Systematic and Random Drills?

You need both types of drills to master table tennis. Coach Samson Dubina helps you understand the difference between systematic and random drills. What are your favorite Systematic and Random...

WTT Youth Contender – Spa, Belgium – Sarah Jalli (USA) U17 Champion Videos

Sarah Jalli (USA) vs Matilda Pinto (POR) – U17 Quarterfinals Sarah Jalli (USA) vs Nicole Arlia (Italy) – U17 Finals Official U17 Event Draw Sarah’s Equipment Nittaku Nittaku Acoustic Carbon...
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