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Improving Your Serves

By Samson Dubina Many players want to develop new serves.  That is great.  I recommend it. However, if you are going to develop a world-class serve, I would actually recommend... Read More

Mental Success

By Samson Dubina The ITTF Advanced Training Manual lists 12 elements to mental success in table tennis.  Quiz yourself to see how well you are doing on each aspect.  Take... Read More

Scouting Yourself

By Samson Dubina The final Motivational Monday provides a way to create a road map to help your game. Fiona helps Dad, Samson figure out the best way to create... Read More


By Samson Dubina Distractions are all around us. Some are preventable, others are not.  When competing in table tennis, you must do everything possible to avoid the avoidable. You also must... Read More

USATT #PongPositive Interview – Samson Dubina

USATT’s Mark Thompson catches up with Samson Dubina on how he is maximizing his time during the COVID-19 pandemic. Samson mentions how to improve instead of just maintaining during the... Read More

$3000 Presper Financial Architects Open Finals Video

Open Singles Giant RR Finals: Ojo Onaolapo (2608) vs Sharon Alguetti (2668) at the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy. Here are the full USATT Rating Results | Tournament Photos |... Read More