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3 Keys to Winning Deuce Games

Coach Samson Dubina will explain the keys to winning those tight games at DEUCE. If you are going to make the podium you are going to need to win the...

How Many Matches Should I Play Each Week?

To improve you must challenge yourself. Should you do more drills or play more matches? Let Coach Samson Dubina shares his thoughts on this important topic to help you reach...

Having a Champion Mindset in Table Tennis and in Life

How do you grow in table tennis? Is it the wins? The losses? Coach Samson Dubina shares an important lesson he learned from one of his players in a recent...

Do you know the Difference between Systematic and Random Drills?

You need both types of drills to master table tennis. Coach Samson Dubina helps you understand the difference between systematic and random drills. What are your favorite Systematic and Random...

Expanded Paddle Palace Ohio League

If you are looking to improve your table tennis game, there is no better place than the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy in Akron. The Paddle Palace Ohio League is...

How to Deal with Illegal Serves in Tournaments

By Samson Dubina – Playing against Illegal serves is never fun. Here are some tips to make life a bit easier at your next event....
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