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Chinese Trials

The Chinese Trials have concluded: (1st) Xu Xin, (2nd) Zhang Jike, (3rd) Ma Long, (4th) Fan Zhendong, (5th) Lin... Read More

Swedish Open Live Streaming

swedish Live Streaming of the 2015 Swedish Open ... Read More

Xu Xin – Ask a Pro Anything

Adam Bobrow grabs STIGA’s Xu Xin, the number 1 penholder in the world after the Japan Open for some fun insider questions. Some of Xu Xin amazing titles: Olympic Games... Read More

Top 10 Shots 2013 ITTF Pro Tour Finals

Top 10 Shots from the 2013 World Tour Grand Finals - Courtesy of ITTF Top 10 Shots from the 2013 World... Read More