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Stellan’s Secrets: Choosing a good table tennis blade

Stellan Bengtsson blade In this video, Stellan Bengtsson, former 1971 World Champion and world-class coach, shares his thoughts on choosing a good...

Stellan’s Secrets: Why Choose Paddle Palace for all your Equipment Needs?

Stellan Bengtsson In this short video, Stellan Bengtsson recommends Paddle Palace as the company to fulfill all your equipment needs. Thank you,...

Bengtsson Training Camp in Salem, Oregon: Aug 20-24, 2014

705045_10201260899704434_969867684_oThe Willamette Table Tennis Club in Salem, Oregon is pleased to announce our next Stellan and Angie Bengtsson training camp for Wednesday,...

Stellan Documentary


A UCSD Dac production profiling the life of 1971 World Singles Champion Stellan Bengtsson. Both Stellan and his wife Angie currently...

March 2014 Stellan Training Camp

705045_10201260899704434_969867684_oStellan and Angie Bengtsson have scheduled their next camp at the Willamette Table Tennis...

Two World Champs Warming-up & Drilling

2 Sweden Table Tennis World Champions: 1991 Jorgen Persson vs 1971 Stellan Bengtsson – Practice in San Diego USA (July 9, 2010) Stellan exclusively uses JUIC equipment. Jorgen is sponsored...
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