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Capital Area Table Tennis Team League

The Capital Area Table Tennis Team League Do you live in the Virginia, Maryland, or DC area? Are you looking for some great competition on a regular basis? Why not...

Review of Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+ Poly Balls

Nittaku Premium 40+ BallA comprehensive review from Larry Hodges about the Nittaku Premium 40+ poly balls, available in October. What is it...

Coaching Tip: Backhand Sidespin Push

Guo Yue

When pushing on the backhand, most players are at one of three levels: • Level One: Get it back. • Level Two: Do something...

Coaching Tip: Five-Ball Attack


Most players know what a third-ball attack is: you serve, the opponent returns, and you attack aggressively, usually with a loop, a...

Coaching Tip: Never Give a Server What He’s Looking For


Most players serve with a purpose. They are trying to get you to return their serve in a specific way so...

Coaching Tip: Winning with Ball Control


If you cannot match up with your opponent with speed or spin, then you need other weapons. One of the best...
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