by Samson Dubina

Breathing both BETWEEN points and DURING the point is a very important, and often neglected, aspect of the game!  Players who have learned to properly exhale at contact improve their timing, power, mental focus, and endurance.

So how do you test it?

Just warmup forehand to forehand.  Is it natural for you to exhale with each hit?  If it feels unnatural, you probably haven’t been doing it!  Now play some points, ask a spectator to stand close and listen for the exhale and watch your chest.

Can they tell if you are breathing?

Can you tell if you are breathing?

Many players wrongly hold their breath for 3-4 hits or even hold their breath for the entire point!  If you are one of those players, make it your resolution to change it immediately!  Start drilling with the robot or start drilling with a partner or even just start doing shadow strokes in front of a mirror.  Start breathing and you will feel that you have improved timing, power, focus, and endurance.  If you don’t believe me, then try 30 shadow strokes without breathing then 30 with breathing.  WOW!  What a difference you will see!

Does the type of breathing matter?

Absolutely!  Your breathing should be from the abdomen and very abrupt.  The exhale should be very short and quick.  Inhaling shouldn’t take work at all.  If you exhale at contact, you will naturally inhale without thinking about it!

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