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What’s so hot about JUIC’s Nano Spin II?

Stellan Bengtson talks about JUIC's Nano Spin II... Read More

If You Like to Attack from Both Sides Try This.

Judy Hugh plays with a blade and rubbers that compliment her attacking game while, at... Read More

Why I Play What I Play


Tahl Leibovitz is a well respected player who is known for his tough mental and physical game.... Read More

Built for a Two Winged Attack

Vinay Desai

Vinay Desai is a young, aggressive, two winged attacker who lose vicious spin. He talks about his... Read More

A Great Combo for the Attacking Player

Sara Fu is a Texas Weslyan University team player. She is climbing the ratings with some impressive wins this season. "My... Read More

Rubber Selection Guide

Paddle Palace

This article is a guide to choosing table tennis rubber. It includes information about rubber types, speed & spin,... Read More