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Adapt Quickly to be Tournament Tough, by Samson Dubina

samson1_croppedTo play well in a tournament you must be adaptable to the situation and be "tournament tough". Samson Dubina gives excellent... Read More

The Attacking Mindset, by Samson Dubina

Kasumi_Ishikawa_1_morecropped If you are an offensive players, there are 2 aspects of the game that you need to master. The first aspect is... Read More

Winning Deuce Games, by Samson Dubina

Wang_Liqin_fist How do you pull out a deuce game to victory? Samson Dubina shares several keys to keep in mind during the last... Read More

Concentration, by Samson Dubina

I have a little homework assignment for you. Stand 2 feet away from a 5-gallon bucket and toss a penny into the... Read More

Serving Against a Strong Attacker, by Samson Dubina

OvtcharovYour opponent is attacking your short serve and you are frustrated that you can’t stop him from attacking your serve. What should... Read More

Ratings and Skills, by Samson Dubina

Samson Ready  croppedOften times, table tennis players will wrongly associate ratings with skills. Just because an opponent has a certain... Read More