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More Spin

by Samson Dubina What is the main difference between ping pong and table tennis? The main difference is the amount of spin produced.  With the right strokes and modern equipment, an elite... Read More

7 Keys to Developing a New Serve

by Samson Dubina In table tennis, there are some standard serves and there are also some unusual serves. Should you be creative or just follow the crowd? Well, creativity is always... Read More

Neglected Footwork

In and Out Footwork by Samson Dubina About 99% of the time, players practice side-to-side footwork moving from forehand to backhand and backhand to forehand.  I rarely see players practice in-and-out... Read More

The Tactical Mindset

The Tactical Mindset by Samson Dubina Just like any other table tennis skills, developing a tactical mindset takes discipline.  As I work through the various styles over the coming weeks and... Read More

How to Beat Yourself

How to Beat Yourself by Samson Dubina Learn a New Way to Think Players often strategize on how to beat their rivals.  They spend endless hours studying video clips of the... Read More

It Ain’t Piano

It Ain’t Piano By Samson Dubina If you ever took piano lessons, you probably know that there is a very systematic approach for beginners.  Often there is a 30 or... Read More