Coaching Tip: Learning to Counterloop

Once you get past serve & receive, the basic rallying shot at the highest levels is counterlooping. Some do it from way off the table, others from close to the table (often taking the ball on the rise), while most take it somewhere in between, sometime after the top of the bounce (around table level), from five to eight feet back. It’s mostly done on the forehand side, but some do it on the backhand side as well – especially the best players in the world, who often backhand counterloop off the bounce. (Spectators often don’t even realize it’s a counterloop as it happens so quickly, and think it’s just a backhand block.) For this article, unless noted otherwise, I’m mostly talking about forehand counterlooping.

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Choosing the Right Equipment to Match Your Table Tennis Playing Style

Yahao US Nat 2012

Yahao Zhang, 2012, U-21 US National Champion tells how how important matching the right table tennis equipment to the style of game you want to play. In order to play your best game, you’ll need to know how your equipment will affect the ball. In this article Yahao will focus on the thickness and hardness of sponge and the way it affects your shot quality.

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Timothy Wang Reigns As Three Time 2012 US National Champion


Timothy Wang’s game seems to rise above those around him as if by magic. Ask him how he manages to make the most of the big situations and he’ll tell you about his determination and a fighting spirit that never quits. A key member of the STIGA ICC Elite Team, Timothy credits his coaches Massimo Constantini for keeping him focused and Zhou Xin for keeping his game sharp.

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Coaching Tip: Six Great Rallying Tactics

I’ve noticed over years of coaching in matches that the large majority of opponents are most vulnerable to one of six types of rallying tactics. These are tactics once you are into a topspin rally, so we’re not looking at serve and receive here, though of course you can use that to set up these rallying tactics. Here they are, in rough order of frequency.

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How Children Benefit from Playing Table Tennis

Fiona-Samson TT Pictures 068

Kids love table tennis. Even starting as young as five years old, kids love the excitement. Unfortunately, many parents don’t see the real benefits table tennis has to offer. I hear many coaches trying to convince parents to have their kids take lessons because the kids can travel or get a college scholarship. These things sound good, but what table tennis does best is develop character. Here’s how.

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