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Mie Skov in YouTube Action, talks about STIGA Boost Rubbers

YouTube video of top Women's player Mie Skov. She also talks about STIGA Boost Rubbers.... Read More

Jens Lundquist in YouTube action, and STIGA Rosewood Blades

Jens Lundquist

YouTube video of STIGA player Jens Lundquist in action. Jens Lundquist also talks about the STIGA Rosewood blades. His playing... Read More

Jean-Michel Saive in action, Ebenholtz blades

Jean-Michel Saive

Legendary player Jean-Michel Saive in action on this YouTube video. Saive also talks about the STIGA Ebenholtz NCT blades.

... Read More

New Ping Pong Diplomacy T-Shirts

This year marks the 40th Anniversary of Ping Pong Diplomacy. Paddle Palace is offering this new Ping Pong Diplomacy... Read More

2011 US Open is June 30-July 4 in Milwaukee

USA Table TennisThe 2011 US Open Table Tennis Championships are taking place June 30 - July 4 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Domestic and International entry... Read More

Rubber Selection Guide

Paddle Palace

This article is a guide to choosing table tennis rubber. It includes information about rubber types, speed & spin,... Read More

Table Tennis Blade Selection Guide

Paddle Palace

This article includes information about table tennis blades, including a comparison of shakehand vs. penhold style, handle styles, blade... Read More
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