The Latest News & Happenings in the World of Table Tennis

Wang Liqin Multiball video in Rotterdam, May 2011

Wang Liqin's 30 second multiball training video from Rotterdam, May 2011.

... Read More

Table Tennis Moves to the Urban Outdoors

 Here in New York City there’s a park which is on... Read More

USA Table Tennis 2011 Nationals: Dec. 13-17 in Virginia Beach

USA Table TennisThe 2011 US National Championships are taking place December 13-17 in Virginia Beach, VA. The entry form is available when you click... Read More

Scouting Your Table Tennis Opponent, by Samson Dubina

Whether you want to make the US Olympic Team, win the senior games, or beat your Uncle Bob; it... Read More

Samson Dubina’s Four Stages To Peak Table Tennis Performance: Stage Two

The second stage (August-September) mainly consists of intense footwork practice. Throughout this phase of training, I’m... Read More

STIGA YouTube, “The Classics”– 3 Classic Blades

STIGA Classic BladesThree of the most sold STIGA table tennis blades through the years, Allround Classic, Offensive Classic and Clipper... Read More
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