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Table Tennis Tip: Time-Out Tactics

Each player is allowed a one-minute time-out during a match. (Often a coach calls the time-out,... Read More

Blake Griffin, professional ping pong player?

Blake GriffinBlake Griffin, pro basketball player, tries his hand at table tennis. His opponent: Soo Yeon Lee, pro ping pong... Read More

Table Tennis Tip: Depth Control of Serves

By Larry Hodges. One of the most under-practiced aspects of serving is depth control. Most intermediate and advanced... Read More

Table Tennis Tip: Push with Purpose and Placement

By Larry Hodges. So often players push just to keep the ball in play. Push with purpose and placement! Always do... Read More

Table Tennis Tip: Going to the Well Too Often

By Larry Hodges. If you find a tactic that really gives your opponent trouble, do some serious thinking about how often to... Read More

Why Is Your Grip Pressure So Important?

By Massimo Constantini. There is one aspect of the grip that is very important but... Read More

Maximizing Your Table Tennis Game Under Poor Circumstances

True or False Question: One must play against better players in... Read More

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