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USATT Extends Partnership with Nittaku and Paddle Palace

nittaku-justballUSA Table Tennis (USATT), Nittaku, and Paddle Palace jointly announced the extension of their long-time partnership as the Official Ball of USATT through 2019.

2015 US National Championships Return to Las Vegas

2015 US Nationals 2015 US National Championships Return to Las Vegas

Samson Dubina: Peak Performance

samson2 Many professional players peak for certain tournaments each year. By having a systematic training cycle, these players can perform well at the important tournaments. There are usually four parts to the six-month season: Pre-season, in-season, the peak tournament, and post-season. In this article, I’m going to briefly outline how you can learn to peak for that one important tournament six months from now.

Samson Dubina: Good, Better, Best

samson2 Most players have Good practice sessions on a weekly basis but it isn’t THE BEST! Many players continue practicing the same things over and over without pushing themselves to improve their spin, placement, variation, power, and shot selection.

Samson Dubina: Inside Information

samson2 When hitting backhands, many table tennis players do a great job hitting to different locations. Because they are able to bend at the wrist, these players are easily able to contact the inside of the ball, the back of the ball, and the outside of the ball in order to hit to different locations.

2015 China Open Live Streaming

YOG_gold Live Streaming of the China Open Aug 5-9, 2015

Preiss / Butler Exhibition at Cherry Hills Country Club

cherry hill2 Cherry Hills Country Club was the setting for this table tennis exhibition, entertaining the Cherry Hills Men’s Golf Club members after their yearly member golf tournament.

Physical Preparation for Table Tennis

cross If we are looking at Table Tennis in terms of its physical characteristics you see a sport that is very different from other sports and it needs special preparation that is pretty unique.

Samson Dubina: How to Train with a Table Tennis Robot

samson2 There are many benefits of practicing with a table tennis robot, and there are a few risks of practicing with a robot. When practicing with the robot, you can choose specific areas of your game that need work and target those areas over and over until you have reached perfection. You can practice looping, flipping, blocking, footwork, and many other aspects.

Samson Dubina: Excessive Celebration

samson2 Today, I would like to share a few tips with you regarding table tennis celebration. These principles can apply to you regardless if you are competing in your first recreational tournament, competing in an average USATT tournament, or playing for a gold medal in the Olympics.

Allstar Cast Help Raise $350,000 with their Paddles

preiss2 Olympians and National Champions Entertain for Black Tie Dinner

Donic Player Profile: Patrick Baum


Donic Player Profile: Patrick Baum (World No. 21)

QOROS 2015 World Table Tennis Championships – STREAMING

china LIve Streaming of the World Championships – and links to articles and the draws. Follow your favorite players here.

Carbonado – The Newest Blade from Stiga

carbo2 The New Carbonado Blades – Now Available at Paddle Palace

Player Profile: Ishana Deb

Ishana Player Profile: Ishana Deb (ICC)

Samson Dubina: Customizing Your Blade – Removing the Handle

samsonFor various reasons, some players choose to change their racket handle. In this article, I’m going to give you a step by step process of what needs to be done.

Mississippi College, Texas Wesleyan, Princeton, and California Shine at Collegiate Championships

ncttaMississippi College, Texas Wesleyan, Princeton, California all shine at the National Championships – but the top story of the tournament was Mississippi College who took the main event as the Coed Champions.

Texas Wesleyan Rams Bio

Texas Wesleyan University Women All players on men’s team are great athletes: Razvan Cretu, Emil Santos, Zhe Feng, Jason Plog, Zhedi Bai, Bruno Ventura Dos Anjos and Shuai Wang. On Women’s Anastasiia Rybka who is also member of the co-ed team.

2015 US Open Event Schedule

2015 US Open Event Schedule

Das Dream Team – OVTCHAROV Hires Jörgen PERSSON as Coach

Dima_J__rgen_Interview_DTTZ_SF Dimitri Ovtcharov has hired Jörgen Persson as his personal coach. The goal is for the Swede to help Dima achieve his greatest dreams – overtaking the top players in the World.