Coaching Tip: Dealing with Cheaters and Poor Sportsmanship

How should one deal with people who cheat or have bad sportsmanship? There is a simple answer which would make this article very short: call for an umpire. However, umpires are not always available (and most of your matches will likely be practice matches anyway, where there are normally no umpires), so sometimes you’ll have to deal with this on your own, especially if it’s only poor sportsmanship, not outright cheating. Besides, you don’t want to call for an umpire every time you think an opponent looks at you funny, so when possible, deal with the problem on your own.

Cheaters cheat because they want to win. There are limits to how you can deal with this short of calling for an umpire. If the opponent simply calls the score wrong, the remedy might be to simply call the score out loud every point, so the score is absolutely clear to you, your opponent, and anyone watching. Cheaters don’t like this because it’s hard to argue about the score when it’s been called out loudly and clearly every point.

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JUIC International Junior & Cadet Championship Dates Set for September 15-16

This is the second year for the JUIC International Junior and Cadet Championship tournament. We expect to have a even larger interantional field this year with generous support from the ITTF and JUIC.

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STIGA Inks Official Table Sponsorship for the 2013 and 2015 World Team Cup

Mats Bandstigen, the Sports President and Chief Executive Officer of STIGA, was delighted with the agreement.
“STIGA is very happy and proud to become the Official Table Supplier of the World Team Cup 2013 and 2015”, he explained. “This important STIGA sponsorship is the latest of many efforts by STIGA to support table tennis worldwide.”

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