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Sponge Hardness

Sponge Hardness by Samson Dubina In table tennis, there are various ways to win points – with speed, spin, consistency, placement, and variation.  Players utilize each of these elements differently... Read More

World Class Fun

World Class Fun by Samson Dubina It usually takes about 10-20 years for an athlete to reach a world-class level. Most kids get burned out after 2-3 years and never... Read More

Reverse Preparation

Reverse Preparation by Samson Dubina Many table tennis athletes begin the season by refining their basic technique and working on developing a solid base for footwork and consistency with many... Read More

Details of Flipping Serves

Details of Flipping Serves by Samson Dubina Flipping is one of the primary ways to return short serves.  In this article, I’m going to outline the various aspects of developing... Read More

3 Table Tennis Mysteries

Why is it important to get more spin? How can you tell if you are getting more spin? What additional variations are available to win a point? If you missed the recent... Read More

Mental & Tactical Training

Why do 10 times more players watch instructional videos instead of reading similar articles? Is there a problem if you do one exclusively? If you missed the recent Ohio Mega... Read More