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Stellan Bengtsson, Observations on the Status of US Coaching

Table tennis coaching in the U.S. doesn’t look like anything else in the world. In all the other countries I have worked in, the National teams practice together and help each other improve. This isn’t the case in America. The National coaches have very little hands-on time to train the players directly. The teams rarely have joint training sessions where the players can challenge each other and work together.

Should I Buy a Table Tennis Training Robot?

Should I Buy a Training Robot?  Answer by: Jasna Rather, Texas Wesleyan University CoachIn the US where there are not so many organized places for practice, it is good to have robot because you can always have some form of practice. If you get any coaching in clubs, you can always use those tips in […]

What is the effect of sponge thickness in table tennis rubber? Is it the same for anti/long pips rubber as for smooth rubber?

What is the effect of sponge thickness? Is it the same for anti/long pips rubber as for smooth rubber?
Our panel of seven experts discuss the effects of sponge thickness on speed, control, spin and ball action, as well as the various ways your game can be affected.

Serving by Stellan Bengtsson

Stellan Bengtsson advises, “Make sure you are aware of the consequences of your serve. If you serve long, step out and get ready for the inevitable long return. Don’t set yourself up for a surprise. If you serve heavy under-spin, be prepared for a short reception or a long push, and so on. Mixing up your serves from forehand to backhand is a good way to change the rhythm of the game.”

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