What is the effect of sponge hardness/density?

Find out what our panel of experts have to say about dwell time, control, spin, speed, looping and counter looping.
Stellan Bengtsson, Massimo Constantini, Samson Dubina, Tahl Liebovitz, Sara Fu, and Scott Lurty share their experience and knowledge on this important question.

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Perfecting Your Serve by Samson Dubina

Samson Dubina

Improving your serve is the fastest way to progress your game. In this article, I will be outlining nine ways that I personally use to perfect my serve: #1 Use the serves that best setup your game, #2 Train them in a tournament environment, #3 Miss some serves, #4 Use your best serves early, #5 Vary the quality of spin, #6 Remember to attack, #7 Be willing to sacrifice a couple points, #8 Train them to perfection, #9 Play practice matches…

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Game Strategies, by Samson Dubina

Samson DubinaSamson Dubina, shares his insights into which strategies are appropriate for the nine most common player categories: Blockers, Loopers, Choppers, Unconventional players (Long Pips/Anti), Allround players, Short Pips Attackers, Seemiller Grip players, and One-sided players. He describes what your opponent is thinking or strategizing, gives a game plan, and gives you six key points to remember for playing against each style.

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